New Filtration Status (2/8/2019)


Jeff Tasoff (Davido Consulting) has spoken with Bill Ketchum (ATEC). Bill recommends that NGTCC establish a contract with ATEC to manufacture the filters for this project (As of 2/8/2019, the NGTCC Treasurer has been unable to get in touch with Mr. Ketchum).

The time from the start of manufacturing the filters (in Southern California) to the delivery date is twelve (12) weeks. In addition, the possibility exists for an extra two (2) weeks for unforeseen circumstances (wildfires, shipping problems, etc).

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Filtration System News


Update on Filtration System

The water filtration project has been a long, laborious, and multi-pronged process.

NGTCC contracted Davido Consulting Firm (Jeff Tasoff) in Dec 2017.   Mr. Tasoff did a walk-through in Feb 2018. He informed us of the choices for a healthier water system for NGTCC.  Mr. Tasoff said our best option was a water filtration system.

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